Stream your music with DropTunes

Stream your music with DropTunes

Users of the online storage service DropBox can now stream any music files stored in their account via an additional service called DropTunes. DropTunes is an application that sits on top of DropBox, and a user only have to log in with his DropBox credentials to start using the service.

DropTunes creates a /Public/DropTunes folder in a users DropBox account to store configuration files. This folder is regularly modified as new songs are requested to be played. The only requirement for using this service is to have a DropBox account and some audio files stored in it, or audio that has been shared to you, and a modern browser to access the account. The player comes in a Flash mode version that supports the .mp3-format, and a html5 version that adds support for .m4a, .ogg and .wav. Google’s Chrome browser is the only browser that fully supports playback in all formats.

Users can share music with other users by sharing the folders that contain audio and let them have instant access to their files in DropTunes. The app also makes it easier to share music between a user’s different computers by syncing the files between them.

Users of iTunes that have synced their media library with DropBox could use DropTunes as their cloud audio player and play theirĀ iTunes library from within Dropbox on any synched computer.

A word of warning where a user has too many files in one folder, this could slow down load times.

Since March this year there is an app available from the Chrome Web Store, and a native mobile app seems to be in the pipeline.

What does the the notorious RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and the major record labels think of this service?


DropBox is the brainchild of designer and developer John Mills. Follow DropTunes and John Mills on Twitter.


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